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Welcome to a the best learning place eC Learning Channels!

We try to provide our channel on multiple platforms. As a whole, we provide you the best learning experience. We have our flag-ship web-site on

On teachable, we provide free and very low-cost courses. It includes preview and mini courses to provide students the experience of our courses. These courses even though are smaller.  They allow students the chance to feel how our channel works and how our courses can help them to achieve higher. The regular courses give students the best on-line MOOC courses at lowest price possible.

MOOC Courses on

  • Regular Courses
  • Preview Courses
  • Mini-Free Courses


eC Learning Channel on teachable

Besides teachable channel, we also provide our regular course on Udemy platform. Our Udemy access link is:   On this platform, we only provide the regular courses.  But, you may access a lot of courses from other channels on this platform.

MOOC Courses on

  • Regular Course


eC Learning Channel on Udemy

Out Youtube channel is used to provide the Utility videos for eC Learning Channel.  These videos are used to help student to gain extra knowledge, software installation guide, newsletters of the channel, Special event notice,, channel advertisements, and responses to students.

MOOC Courses on youTube:

  • Preview Courses
  • Mini-Courses: Installation Guide, Short Training tutorials.
  • Extra Lectures: Responses to Students, Q&A, Extra Knowledge
  • Newsletters
  • Advertisements of eC Learning Channels


eC Learning Channel on Youtube

In addition to visual contents, we also provide student with text contents in Quora and Facebook.

In Quora, we try to answer questions from all over the world.  In this way, we can provide students the following things:

  • One more way to ask question and get answers from not just us.
  • Look at other people’s question and answer of a student’s own interest.


eClearning on Quora

On facebook, it works as our main communication media.  It provides the following features:

  • office hours for eC Learning
  • technical news
  • question and answer
  • software/lecture update notice
  • emergency notice
  • assistance request
  • friendship community for eC Learning Channels

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eC Learning on Facebook